Down Payments

Name Your Own Down Payment Program

At Red White and Blue Autos, the down payments required for our RWB Certified vehicles are not predetermined. Instead, we establish the required down payment amounts for our vehicles on a case-by-case basis for each customer. With our valued Name Your Own Down payment program, we provide flexibility by allowing our customers to present their own down payment amounts, and we do our absolute best to accept those requests.

While we do not guarantee financing and may require more money down than the requested amounts depending on underwriting, most of our customers drive away in their new vehicles only having paid very slight down payment!

Down Payment Bonuses

In addition to our Name Your Own Down program, we offer our customers a bonus on their down payment! For a down payment of $3,000 or more, we will apply $1000 additional Red, White & Blue bonus cash to your down payment amount.


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