30 month/30,000 Mile Limited Warranty

its included warranty information

Each day, customers visit our dealership and are surprised by what is included in the price of our RWB Certified vehicles. We believe our customers should have a worry-free experience for years to come after purchasing their vehicle. This is why we INCLUDE the following with our RWB Certified vehicles. 

INCLUDED - vehicles financed through RWB Credit Services includes a 30 month/30,000 mile limited drive train warranty. In addition, you deal with us for warranty claims, unlike other warranty companies that require you to call a 1-800 number. If you were to request the price of a 30/30 drive train warranty from a company that sells warranties, it would exceed $2,000. Under the vehicle picture you are interested in, click the warranty tab to view each and every item we cover or check the “warranty” tab on our website for me details.

INCLUDED – RWB CERTIFIED. At Red White and Blue Autos Inc, we have over a dozen auto technicians working in our 15,000 square foot building, RWB Service Center in Schuylkill Haven, PA.. It takes tremendous effort from our dedicated employees to insure you have a high quality vehicle. On average we spend over $1500 per vehicle in order to RWB Certify it. 

INCLUDED - Vehicles financed through RWB Credit Services includes oil changes and inspections for the life of your loan. Our goal is to sell a well serviced and inspected vehicle at time of sale, but we also feel the maintenance should continue long after you buy the vehicle. We have a fleet account with Monro Muffler, Mr. Tire, Tire Choice and CJ’s Tire so billing is easiest here. This allows our customers to contact the store of their choice for their free oil changes and free state/emissions inspections. Other suggestions are Steve Shannon, Walmart, Jiffy Lube or the garage of your choice.  The info on this card is what the garage needs to bill RWB Autos. They can call with any questions or to set up an account with us at 570-875-2225 press 2 for Service

INCLUDED - Vehicles financed through RWB Credit Services includes Towing. If you break down and warranty work is required, we will pick up your vehicle and tow it to one of our locations or other repair facility for the warranty repair. With our RWB Certified vehicles, the total of all these items would cost nearly $5,000 at other dealers. We INCLUDE all these things in our prices, so it’s truly worry-free for you, the customer. This is very important to realize when comparing us to other dealers and their list prices, or when you are looking up online prices. You are buying much more than a vehicle when you buy from Red White and Blue Autos.

INCLUDED - Engine Components

Camshaft, Camshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft, crankshaft bearing, freeze plugs, lifters, Fuel pump, oil pump, oil pump gears, oil pump shaft pistons, piston rings, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, rocker arm pivots, timing chain, timing gears, timing chain guides, valves, valve lash adjusters, valve seats, valve springs, valve guides, variable valve timing parts, wrist pins, apex seal, bearings, eccentric shaft, rotor, cylinder head, engine block, rotor housing, cam/valve covers, crankshaft pulley, engine mounts, engine oil reservoir, engine oil reservoir pump, drive shaft, exhaust manifolds, flex plate, flywheel, harmonic balancer, head gaskets, intake manifold, intercooler, oil pan, pulleys, ring gear, timing cover, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, timing gears, thermostat, vacuum pump, water pump.

INCLUDED - Air Conditioning System

Compressor, Compressor clutch assembly, Condenser, Condenser fan and motor, Evaporator, Expansion valve, Orifice tube, Pressure regulatory assembly, Receiver dryer/accumulator, Temperature control programmer, Module.

INCLUDED -Transmission (Automatic) Components

Bands, bearings, carrier drums, gears governor, hubs pump, pump housing, servos, shafts, valve body, torque converter, transmission mounts, vacuum modulator.

INCLUDED -Transmission (Manual) and Transfer Case Components

Bearings, gears, hubs, shafts, shift rails, shift forks, synchronizers, transmission and transfer case, transmission mounts, seals and gaskets.

INCLUDED - Axle Assembly Components (front and rear wheel drive)

Axle Bearings, Carrier assembly, Gears, Thrust washers, Shafts, Spacers, Axle shafts, Center support bearing and mount, Constant velocity joints and boots, Drive shaft, Universal joints and flex discs, Viscous coupling.



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