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What if my vehicle needs service after the sale?

Red White and Blue Autos has a full-service team consisting of three service advisors and over 12 technicians, located at our Ashland and Schuylkill Haven facilities. Plus, for the convenience of our customers, we work with over 50 outside repair facilities located across eastern and central PA to assist with vehicle repairs and diagnostics. We have a vast network of garages we work with and are sure to have one close to where you live. For those that don’t live close to our dealership, this allows you to have service done close to your home. This very often includes warranty work.

Do you have a maintenance plan?

We are very excited to provide you with a 5-year maintenance plan through CARCARE Promotions. The plan provides great discounts on routine maintenance at participating service centers listed on the pamphlet in your glovebox. This can add up to $2500 in savings over 5 years! The home page of our website has a link showing you all the benefits and participating locations.

What about warranty work?

All of our vehicles come with a 30-month/30k-mile limited drive train warranty included. To learn more about our extensive warranty coverage and everything that is included, please visit rwbautos.info/warranty. If you feel that your vehicle requires warranty work, please contact one of our dedicated service advisors at 570-875-2225, option #2. Our team will be more than happy to discuss the issues your vehicle is having in order to evaluate the condition of your vehicle and determine if it is able to be driven to one of our locations or a shop near you, or if it will need to be towed. Additionally, when it comes to your vehicle’s warranty, it is important to remember to have your oil changed every 5,000 miles or the warranty may potentially be voided.

Do you provide rental cars if warranty work is needed?

Due to insurance reasons, we do not offer rental vehicles. However, we do offer our customers $25 of credit per day (up to seven days) when warranty work is required. We will apply this money as a credit towards the next vehicle payment once the warranty work is complete.

What happens if my vehicle breaks down after hours?

We strongly recommend getting AAA, it can really save you money on towing. Your 5-year Maintenance Plan has “preferred pricing” on towing. The phone numbers can be found by scanning the QR code under step 2 (View benefits and Coverage) section inside the pamphlet. If the tow was needed because of a repair covered by the 30-month 30,000-mile limited drive train warranty, we will reimburse you for the towing.

The goal is to get towed ASAP to avoid theft or vandalism of your vehicle and prevent the police from towing it due to it being in an unsafe location. RWB will not pay for any extra charges incurred due to not having the vehicle towed in a timely manner, even if the cause of the breakdown was a warranty item. You are responsible for having the vehicle towed.

What are your service hours?

Our service facilities are open Monday – Friday from 8am-4:30pm and on Saturdays from 9am-5pm.

What happens if my vehicle breaks down after hours?

If your vehicle happens to break down during non-service hours, try your best to move the vehicle to a safe location and leave the keys either somewhere within or around the vehicle. Then, contact our service department at 570-875-2225 and leave a message detailing the situation. We will respond immediately once we return to the office.


How do you accept payments?

All of the following are acceptable methods of payment: cash, debit card, credit card, or money order.

How can I make payments?

Payments can be made 24/7 either online at rwbautos.info/make-a-payment or by calling our phone system at 570-875-2225, option #3. During normal business hours, you may contact a customer relations representative to make a one-time payment or to set up recurring payments by calling 570-875-2225, options 3 then option 2 to speak to someone. Additionally, you may text 570-875-2225 to chat with a live person.

Will I be charged a fee when making payments?

We charge a $4.99 fee to make payments with one of our customer relations representatives, but there are no fees when payments are made via phone or text, on our website, or for recurring payments.

Who can I contact about my account?

You can contact one of our customer relations representatives at 570-875-2225, option #3 then option #2. He or she will be glad to assist you.


How much money do I need to put down?

With our Name Your Own Down payment program, you get to tell us what down payment you would like to make, and we will do our absolute best to accept that amount. When completing our online pre-approval application, include your down payment amount, and we will carefully evaluate your desired amount. If more money is needed, we will let you know exactly how much. Please note that we do accept most trades, and all equity in your trade will count toward your down payment amount.

Do I need a valid PA Driver’s license?

If you are purchasing the car by yourself, yes you will need to possess a valid PA driver’s license in order for us to finance you. If you are a co-applicant, a valid PA ID card is acceptable in most cases, but not all.

Do you run credit?

We do not run credit during the pre-approval process. During that initial step, we validate income and ask a few questions to determine if you meet our pre-qualified status. We then discuss vehicle and payment options with you. After that, if you would like to move forward in the sales process, we will run your credit at this time to verify the information you have provided and fully approve you. Please note that we do run credit as we report all payments and monthly payment history to all three credit agencies.

Does it matter if my credit is bad?

We specialize in financing customers with less-than-perfect credit or even no credit at all. We consider a few key factors when determining if we can approve you for financing, but your credit score is not one of them.

Do you deliver vehicles and how much does delivery cost?

Yes, we can deliver your RWB Certified vehicle directly to your home or work at no extra cost to you! Most of our customers are taking advantage of our fully online purchasing process as well as our vehicle delivery offering, and our hundreds of Facebook and Google reviews are filled with satisfied customers praising these offerings.

Do I need full-coverage insurance?

Yes, you do. However, our sales staff can explain affordable options that may save you some money for the comprehensive/collision portion of your insurance. You must have liability insurance with an insurance company of your choice, but for comprehensive/collision, we do offer a few choices.

What does Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) mean?

Despite being the fastest-growing segment in the auto sales industry, there’s not an official definition for Buy Here/Pay Here in the dictionary. Buy Here/Pay Here (BHPH) financing means that you arrange a loan and make payments on it at the dealership. You purchase the car through what’s referred to as in-house financing versus through a third party, such as a bank. Instead of making monthly payments to a traditional lender, you make weekly or bi-weekly payments at the dealership. You, therefore “buy” the car at the dealership and “pay” on the loan at the dealership.

What's the difference between a BHPH dealership and a traditional dealership?

Depending on the dealerships you visit, very little. In fact, many traditional new and used car dealerships now offer BHPH financing as an option. The key difference between a traditional dealership and Red White and Blue Autos lies in the shopping experience. At a traditional dealership, your approval is based solely on credit score and what some computer system based in another state says. At our dealership, the process is much easier. We ask a series of questions, run a credit report, and listen to better understand your credit situation. Then, with your desired monthly payment and down payment information factored in, we’ll show you vehicles that fit your needs and financial situation.

Who's your typical customer?

Our customers are hard-working men and women or young people just starting out. They usually need a car to get to work. Many of them have a credit challenge—which is not surprising since nearly 50 percent of Americans do not qualify for automobile financing at conventional financial institutions. Using our own financing company, we are as accommodating as possible. We want our customers to get back on the road to maximizing their opportunity for advancement.

Why do I have to pay every time I get paid?

It is a proven fact that some people get bad credit because they cannot budget on a monthly basis. At Red White and Blue Autos, we want you to budget your payments when you get paid. It makes it easier for our customers and for us.

Why do I need a down payment?

Simply stated, The down payment is GLUE. It helps to keep a deal together. The Down payment shows us that you are serious enough to commit to a loan that you are willing to put your hard-earned money down in order to finance your vehicle purchase. People should look at down payment as a good thing. It reduces the term of the loan and you then pay it off quicker.

How do you provide financing?

We don’t just sell a person a car, we work with our customers to find the best vehicles for their needs, and the best one for their monthly budget. Selling a car that a customer can’t afford does neither of us any good. We’re not just looking for a quick sale; we are looking for a long-term relationship.

Can you help people with prior repossessions?

Yes; we can still get you approved with prior repossessions.

What are your financing guidelines and how do I get approved?

Start by filling out and submitting our online application. Call or stop in at the dealership and someone will take your application. We base our approvals on your time on the job, ties to the area, your ability to pay, and the honesty and accuracy of the information you give us. You will need:

  • Valid PA drivers’ license
  • Proof of income (check stub less than 30 days old, proof of check from the government, proof of regular payments from elsewhere)
  • Proof of residency (rent receipt or a copy of a utility bill)
  • Proof of Liability Insurance
  • Title of a vehicle if one is being traded-in.
  • Cash for your down payment.

We can usually have your loan application approved and you’ll be on the road in your new vehicle in a couple of hours or less.

Will I need insurance on the vehicle?

Yes, liability insurance is required by the state and is the law, however, we offer programs so you do not need to carry “full coverage”. Ask an associate for all of these details.

What if my vehicle breaks down after the warranty period is over?

As with all vehicle purchases, the customer is responsible for repairs and maintenance after the warranty has expired. All used vehicles will someday need repairs. We try to help our customers whenever we can, to find the most affordable means of repairing their vehicle, so they can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Can I have the car I want to buy inspected before I purchase?

Absolutely! We recommend that every customer have the vehicle they are intending to purchase independently inspected by someone they trust before they buy. We want you to feel comfortable with the condition of the vehicle you are purchasing.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes, Red White and Blue Autos accepts trade-ins.

Can a household have more than one RWB vehicle loan?

Yes, we have many households with multiple vehicles. We typically look for 6 months of perfect payment history on the first vehicle before allowing an application for a second vehicle. We do this because we want you to have a successful payment history with us in hopes of you improving your credit score. We do not want to set you up for failure.

What does RWB Certified mean and what is involved?

This means that we don’t just buy a vehicle and put it right on our lot for sale. We take the time to do a very in-depth review of the vehicle using an in-house checklist and replacing any parts that need replacing. This truly sets us apart from other dealers. The list of parts replaced is posted as the last photo on our website and we hang the list in the back window of every vehicle. The longer the list the more things you won’t have to replace because we already did, the shorter the list the more the previous owner already replaced before we bought it. Selling you a quality vehicle is important to us!

Can I trade-in a vehicle to RWB and what if I have a loan on the vehicle?

Yes, we accept most trades. If you own it and have the title, we will usually make you an offer and all of that money goes towards your down payment. If you still have a balance owed, we will look up the value of the vehicle compared to the amount owed to determine if we can make you an offer.


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