Make a payment

Payment types accepted

All of the following are acceptable methods of payment: cash, debit card, credit card or money order.

How you can make payments

Payments can be made 24/7 either online or by calling our phone system at 570-875-2225, option #3. During normal business hours, you may contact a customer relations representative to make a one-time payment or to set up recurring payments by calling 570-875-2225, option #3 then option #2 to speak to someone.

Payment fees

Effective 3/1/2024, all payments not enrolled in Auto Pay will incur a $4.99 convenience fee. This includes payments made via phone and one-time online payments. To avoid this fee and enroll in Auto Pay, please contact Customer Relations at 570-875-2225 Option #3.

Who to contact about your account

You can contact one of our customer relations representatives at 570-875-2225, option #3 then option #2. He or she will be glad to assist you.